A work-in-progress modification for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare allowing the export of COD4 player movement from demos to Blender.


Making an edit with IW3D

Having spent 2 weeks perfecting our workflow of importing new maps, exporting data from demos properly and fixing textures and surfaces we finally got to release BAG IT UP.
One thing you'll most definitely realise when watching the video is that 3D rendering doesn't automatically cause a 10 year old game to look like a 2017 game. The COD4 textures and models are just way too rough to look extraordinarily good in a 3D render.
With a bit of effort though, one could definitely create some stunning IW3D visuals by introducing some new models and/or textures alongside effects that utilize the 3D capabilities of Blender (or any other 3D rendering program) to their fullest. (14/06/2017)

Fixing maps

Due to the rather brute-force approach of exporting maps using D3D ripping, we end up having to fix the textures of any cod4 map we import into blender. Below you can see an example of how the maps look before and after we've fixed the surfaces.

Death-animation entity bones

Following some really stressful nights, we finally managed to get bone information for the bones on the entities that play the death animation when a player dies. Tried a lot of different things but in the end it was way easier than expected (as always). (30/05/2017)

A clip!

After a bit of tinkering with some cod-engine functions we found a way to access the viewmodel bones.
The following day we exported the bones of a promod clip by @4L3xxL and rendered a short unshaded preview. (19/05/2017)

[Follow-up] First rendered cinematic!

As mentioned in the previous post, we've rendered the first ported IW3D cinematic ever.
Rendered 5 nights in total with 2 PC's (due to our rather old graphics cards - a GTX670 + a GTX760). (11/05/2017)

First cinematic test

After finally getting bone rotations to work properly, we imported our first cinematic into blender. Screenshots of that can be found below, full render of the cinematic will be out soon (hopefully). Render times just keep increasing unfortunately... (02/05/2017)


Some further messing around with COD4 engine functions resulted in us being able to save and load the bone positions of every player in the demo.
Visualized by the blue cubes in the video below, the bone positions already gave a good impression on how accurately the player movement could be rebuilt. Unfortunately, bone rotations were a bit harder to export and import properly without the player model looking like an alien. (28/04/2017)

POV test

Using some IW3MVM magic I managed to export the camera movement of a clip by @1Soul1337.
Did a quick 720p test-render with some quite noisy settings and overlayed the greenscreened viewmodel and hud of the demo.
Result looks a bit messy but proves that importing COD demo movement has quite a bit of potential. (21/04/2017)


First step of this project is getting the desired COD4 map properly loaded into Blender. Once we finally had the undisplaced map geometry in 3D and fixed all of the texture and material issues, we took a few screenshots to see what 3D crash had to offer... (19/04/2017)

timendil's project

The reason why I started this whole project is actually a video that slykuiper sent me some time ago.
It was by a guy named timendil and showed a little project he had been working on. This was the main thing that made me think about the possibility of exporting whole cod4 demos to 3D.
Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be around anymore, but feel free to check out the 2 videos he made on his mod.