A set of modifications for Call of Duty: Black Ops closely related to IW3MVM. Contains plenty of quality-of-life changes for replaying locally-recorded demo files in addition to a noclip mode to view the action from any possible angle. A dollycam for creating smooth camera movement is also included. Get Early Access now!



WARNING:  Before using the client, 
make sure your game installation is clean
This can easily be achieved by redownloading
the game off of Steam.

BO1MVM is distributed using the CODMVM LAUNCHER.
Select BO1MVM in the mod selection screen of the launcher, start your game and then click the START button in the launcher!
Once you see the BO1MVM console window pop up, you can be sure the mod is loaded!

Use the default cod-engine console key to open the ingame console; pressing the shift key alongside the console key opens the output window.
To load a game replay file (a so-called demo) use the demo <demoname> command.
Once in a demo, you should see the menu bar showing up.

Any questions? Check out the FAQ below!
Message me on either discord or twitter for help with any specific questions/problems!

Discord: luckyy#6790 Twitter:
Join the CODMVM discord:


Do I need to buy BO1 to use this?


The game throws an error on startup saying I need VCRUNTIME140.dll and/or MSVCP140.dll. Help?!

Install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (the x86 version vc_redist.x86.exe). Once done, restart the client!


  • early access 0.1 (2020-03-15)

    early access release