A universal launcher for all major codmvm projects that provides an easy way to use IW3MVM, IW4MVM and IW5MVM.



The CODMVM LAUNCHER is a central place for all of the codmvm mods that are available on this website. It provides an easy way to start any of the supported games with the respective editing mod loaded. It also helps keeping the individual mods up-to-date to ensure you'll have access to the newest features as soon as possible.
Furthermore, any future codmvm mods will also be available through the CODMVM LAUNCHER, just like IW3MVM, IW4MVM and IW5MVM, which means that you'll immediately notice once there's a new mod for you to try.

The CODMVM LAUNCHER is still in beta. Please report any bugs to me directly:

Discord: luckyy#6790 Skype: proditschy
Join the CODMVM discord:

Interactive Version: