Various IWXMVM-like modifications for Call of Duty: World at War combined into one, including a dollycam, customizable fog, depthmap display along with various other features and quality-of-life patches.



WARNING:  Before using the mod, 
make sure that you are running
a clean WAW installation.
This can easily be achieved by redownloading
the game off of Steam.

WAWMVM is distributed using the CODMVM LAUNCHER.
Select WAWMVM in the mod selection screen of the launcher and then hit START to start the game with WAWMVM loaded.


I'm being told I'm running an incompatible game version..

Don't worry, just download this game executable and replace yours with it.

Do I need to buy WAW to use this?


The game throws an error on startup saying I need VCRUNTIME140.dll and/or MSVCP140.dll. Help?!

Install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (the x86 version vc_redist.x86.exe).
Once done, restart the launcher!

The campath looks incredibly shaky when being played while recording with fraps...

This only appears to happen on certain types of demos;
still not sure about the cause.

For now just record the campaths using avidemo as a workaround (which will work smoothly)

How can I change the path of my game? / My game "doesnt respond in time", what should I do?

Just start the game (CoDWaWmp.exe) and once it's loaded into the main menu, click START
in the CODMVM LAUNCHER. The launcher will then load the mod into the running game instance!


  • release 1.0 (2018-05-27)

    version 1.0 release